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Above: Oberon Voisin, photo courtesy of Libby Voisin (photographer). Obie is one of our previous kittens now almost 2 years old in this photo.

Information regarding cat allergies:

Sensitivity to animals, especially to cats, is one of the most frequently seen allergies. In fact, millions of North Americans suffer from cat allergies. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, chronic sore throat and/or scratchy throat, coughing, wheezing, itchy skin, red, itchy, watery eyes, nasal congestion, itchy nose and sneezing. Research has revealed that Fel D1, a small protein found only in cats, is produced in the sebaceous glands of their skin and saliva and is responsible for 60% to 90% of allergic responses to felines. The biological function of this protein is completely unknown at this time. Cats groom themselves constantly and spread their saliva across their fur in the process. There, the saliva ladened with Fel D1 dries, and because it is several times lighter than air, floats throughout the cat's environment. The Siberian produces lower levels of Fel D1 and, therefore, provokes less allergic reactions than do most other cats and can be said to have hypo-allergenic qualities (having a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction).The only definitive testing, knowing if your allergies will tolerate this wonderful breed, is to spend some time in a home which has an adult Siberian. Due to the fact that having people test in our home can be difficult at times we have discovered another method which is very effective. We will send a sample of fur for testing to you via mail for you to test with in the comfort of your own home for a small fee. For more information you can contact us via email.

Multiple factors cause variations in Fel D1 levels in cats. The highest levels are found in breeding males followed by breeding females. Neuters of both sexes have considerably lower levels, as do kittens. Early sterilization is highly recommended to prevent the rapid increase of the allergen as the catapproaches maturity.

Below, Dr.Oz talks about Siberians and their hypo-allergenic qualities. Watch the short video clip by clicking on the link below :

Remember hypo-allergenic means less of the allergy causing protein is present. There is no such thing as a cat that is completely allergy-free, but Siberians often cause less of - to no reaction in people who are allergic to cats. We will take every precaution to attempt to breed from lines known to have lower allergen levels, but cannot make a guarantee to anyone.

When you purchase a kitten from us we will always welcome it back should any problems arise including allergies. We will try to find alternative placements for your kitten should it be needed. Any financial compensation from this will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

May we come to your home to test our allergies in person?

Currently we only do in-home testing now when there is a kitten available and it is at an age where he/she is ready to leave for their new home (between 10-14 weeks of age) or at 8 weeks of age (after they have had their first core vaccinations). We do not let people test with kittens which are already reserved nor do we allow testing with a nursing or pregnant queen. They do not need any additional stress. Our deposit list people have first selection of kitten and afterwards we go by our general wait list. Please ask to have your name added if you would like to come test in person when our kittens are old enough and if one should become available.

Please remember that we are a small family cattery and our cats are also our family pets. There are no cages used in the raising of our kittens. We are not an pet store, organization or a facility, we are a family and we are very selective about who may adopt one of our kittens and whom we entrust in our home and as a potential new Siberian owner.

When visiting our home:

With the sudden prevalence of social media and cell phone cameras, we ask that any visitors please respect our desire for privacy within our family home. We prefer that cell phones and cameras be left at home when visiting and appreciate your understanding.

Often germs and viruses can be tracked in from outside into our home from shoes or clothing etc. For this reason, when you pick up your kitten we ask all visitors to kindly remove their shoes at the front door. We also ask that should you or a family member be sick that you let us know ahead of time and we will reschedule your visit for a later date. We feel that this is just common courtesy, and although people may be very eager to pick up their kittens, we do appreciate your consideration and understanding that you wait until you (or a family member coming with you) are no longer contagious or ill.

With that all being said, we do look forward to meeting all our new kitten owners and it is our hope that we can remain in touch in the future and to be updated occasionally with photos and any information regarding your kittens well-being. We care greatly for all the kittens which we raise and to know that they are doing well and thriving. To me that is the greatest wish and reward.

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