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Kittens available for Spring!

03/30/2010 Update: We still have kittens remaining for those who are interested in taking one home this June. There's been some confusion and I want to clarify that we have 4 left, and all are dark, or brown colours and thus look very similar, but there are indeed 4 not 2. As they grow, we will start to notice their differences and I will try to capture these as well as possible in photo updates every 2-3 weeks. 2 are in the 'available kittens' folder and the other two under '2 available' in the photo gallery.

03/29/2010 Update:

We will be getting new photos of the 4 kittens. I've had requests to post more photos of them by several people. I want them to look different (older) before we do this. They are only a week and a half old. I should have some once they are 2 weeks. The two brown girls are very similar and these new photos should help the people who are on the fence deciding. These two girls have slight curls in their tails and you can better see them once I post the photos. They are all very cute and healthy.I have reduced their price due to this unique trait. I will be selling them for 950 as of today.

I have 2 more kittens for sale and they are both extremely cute wonderful little brother and sister. I am going to be asking 1300 for them. Photos of these kittens are now posted in the Photo Gallery. They are available June 1st (approx.).

Note to allergy people: I have decided that I will be sending fabric samples that are contaminated with the kittens fur (for allergy testing) out both in the near future and one at the 8 week mark. Ask for details if allergies are an issue with you. I will also allow people to in home test with 2 of my cats in late April for a fee. If you are fine with my cats then that is an indicator that you should be okay with the kittens as well...however I must stress that there are no guarantees as allergen levels do vary from cat to cat. Generally Siberians are all much lower in the D1 levels though so most allergy sufferers experience none to mild reactions.

03/24/2010 Update:

We currently have 2 kittens left. 2 have already been spoken for and they are marked as sold under the photo gallery where the pictures are posted. The 2 brown females remain. Prices are 1000. We are expecting another 2 kittens in the near future and the price on those will be 1300. There is one dark female and one dark male. Stay tuned for pictures soon.

03/18/2010 Update:

We have a small litter of kittens available. The prices will be 1000 CDN. This is less than our usual pet prices as these particular kittens are not of my breeding and no papers will be issued for this particular litter nor our regular health guarantee however we will work with you if there should be any problems that arise in the first year and may issue a partial refund if certain conditions are met. These are strictly pets and ARE indeed hypo-allergenic. Testing will be available at the end of May. I will post or send updated pictures to the buyers every few weeks as they grow and change. They are indeed healthy and very cute, we can see already. I imagine they will sell fast and would advise you not to wait to put your deposit if you are interested. Check back with our photo gallery for pictures soon!

03/21/2010 Update: I have posted a couple pictures of the 4 kittens we have available. They are only 5 days old so please bear this in mind. I will try to post more pictures every 2-3 weeks as they grow bigger.

We were recently notified that a friend of mine is expecting several litters shortly and has agreed to bring some kittens to our Cattery so that people with allergies can test locally. We will be selling the kittens this Spring! This is excellent news to those wanting to purchase their kitten sooner. We've had many customers inquiring and have felt bad about not being able to accomodate them sooner with kittens of our own. If you prefer to get on our wait list for the Fall let me know, that is fine as well. For exact pricing please inquire. I will post photos once the kittens become available. If you choose to email me for more information, please dont forget to fill out the questionnaire on the home page first. I will only reply to those who do this.

Our first litter will be in Fall of 2010...

I'd like to thank you for visiting our small Cattery's website. It is a work in progress so thank you for your patience. If you are wondering what has been going on, we have recently acquired our second kitten and thus we have our first breeding pair. Our little guy comes to us from a breeder in the USA and his father is a Quad Grand Champion with TICA. We should have some gorgeous kittens! Pictures of our new little guy will come shortly as well as new shots of our girl Rubie.

For those who are interested in putting a deposit, please come back and visit our site in the Summer. We will start accepting deposits at that time. Our first litter should be here in the early Fall or late 2010.


A $200.00 deposit is required to reserve a kitten. This money will be applied to the purchase price of your new family member.

I will only take deposits for 4 kittens per expected litter. We try to avoid disappointing anyone who is interested in a kitten by not accepting more than this. A litter could have anywhere from 1-8 kittens approximately. First choice will go to the first person on the list, second choice to the second person, etc. etc. A Breeder always reserves the right to pick of the litter in any litter.

After the first 4 deposits I will start a wait list, and any additional available kittens will go to the wait list in order. If there are insufficient kittens available to those who have sent a deposit, the deposit can either be refunded, or used to hold a kitten from a future litter.

Pictures will be updated on the available kittens page for potential owners to view after they are born. The choices will not be made until kittens are approximately 8 weeks of age. 



NO kitten will be allowed to go to their new home before 10 weeks of age. During this time the kitten imprints socially with humans and other cats, and I feel it is best to not disrupt this process, 10 weeks will always be the preferred age for leaving our home. This also ensures they will be eating solid food, and litter trained when they leave.

The kittens will have their first round of shots and a check-up and be sent with a veterinary record and information regarding further veterinary care. Individual changes to this will be discussed with the new owners on a case by case basis. Registration papers for each kitten will not be sent until proof of altering has been provided to the breeder. Altering should be done at approximately 4 - 6 months of age.

Delivery: The price of a kitten does not include shipping costs. If you can come get your kitten you can save on some of those costs. The shipping, crate, health certificate, and transport to airport cost total is approximately: $275 to use Continental but this can vary depending on where you are located. If you need to ship your kitten please let me know in advance. 

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