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What is your health guarantee?

Your kitten now comes with a 1 year health guarantee. Please email for more information.We have selected our breeding cats from lines with low genetic health risks. We support Siberian Research, Inc and the PawPeds Pedigree Registry. These programs provide open health registries, and have worked to identify where individual cats or lines have an increased risk of genetic disease. Siberian Research continues working on providing more accurate methods for testing allergen levels in breeding cats.

Our cattery is free from FIP, FelV and other contagious diseases. Prior to leaving the cattery each kitten will received a veterinary exam and will be certified free of disease and parasites.

Kidney problems are not uncommon for cats, so veterinarian advice is recommended on how to keep your kitten healthy, including, but not limited to being too fat. That can cause kidney problems very quickly.

Pet purchases will need to have their kittens spayed or neutered by their 7th month of age at the latest. I recommend healthy kittens having the procedure done before 6 months of age. The sooner it is done, the less likely the males will want to spray. Early spaying and neuteuring also prevents hormones increasing as your cat comes of age resulting in higher d1 levels. 

HCM testing:

We choose our breeders from lines known to be HCM free and most often lines which are also tested by ultrasound. We also do keep our own lines which are known to be healthy. Currently Ultrasound remains the only way to definitively determine if HCM is present. Ultrasounds are carried out by a board certified veterinary cardiologist.

Are the kittens registered?

Kittens will be registered with TICA or CFA. Formal papers for pet kittens will be held until neutering requirements are met.

All of our cats will receive the very best in veterinary care, and will have their vaccinations up-to-date upon leaving for their forever homes; our cattery will always be FIV (feline aids) and FelV (feline leukemia) free, and all our cats will have yearly check-ups and vaccinations.

When are kittens neutered? We recommend neutering and spaying at five or six months of age. With males we recommend not waiting past this time as they may begin to spray as they mature sexually at about this age.

How are males and females different?

Adult female Siberians are smaller than males, averaging 9 to 14 lbs. Adult males will weigh 12-18 lbs. Remember that the Siberian is a slow growing breed and it can take up to 5 years for your cat to achieve their full size.

There is little difference in behavior or affection between neutered males and females. Once neutered, males make wonderful companions and do not spray. Low allergen males have similar allergen levels to low allergen females.

Here is a great clip from Animal Planet which featured the Siberian in a 2 minute clip:

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