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Here are a few snippets of letters and emails by clients who purchased a kitten...every customer's story is different and it's always great to get to meet so many interesting people along the way...

Hi Sonja!

I hope you and the family and the kitties are all well!

Here’s a few pix I know you’ll enjoy! Thank you for this wonderful creature who as a devoted as a dog, but smart as a cat!! He even pants and growls!!

All the best!



Please feel free to visit Finn and Louis on Instagram, as they are now instagram celebrities with over 30k followers! Thank you Aleena, for your love and dedication to your cats. Please also check out the CBC news article where Finnegan is one of their featured adventure cats! 

Hi Sonja,

Thank you so much! I will happily accept that kitten. He is honestly so perfect. I cannot express my gratitude. You have given me such a gift :)

We’ve decided to call him Finnegan, so feel free to call him by his name haha.

You’re kittens are so beautiful. If we decide to give him a sibling in the future, we will definitely be coming back to you.

I can’t wait for the next set of pictures!

I hope all is well with you.

Be in touch soon,

Aleena Fiorotto, MD

..."Maze is extremely cuddly, lovable. He loves to wake us (especially me) around 5am with nose to nose kisses and then the moment he sees a hand he just pushes it with his head wanting pets and more pets. He is adorable. He loves to play and annoy his sister Kiki like a true brother. Hahaha."

Sophie LaCoste


Hi Sonja,

I hope you are well and your family too.

Mia and Poupou turned 5 years today.

I am sending you some pictures, we did a little special.

We really love our cats.

Take care

Christine and Benoit

Thank you to Rachel Wyatt for her wonderful updates on Silverbell who retired into her care in 2018.

"With special thanks to Sonja for dedicatedly breeding these beautiful sweet cats!"

Karin Hagedoorn

Hi Sonja

As you can see I am growing quick...I love playing and cuddling which I get to do A LOT! Just wanted to check in and let you know how I'm doing:))




Thx for note. Adie now getting tired out. He played for 2 straight hours. Ate drank and used box. Now wanting to nap. We have showed him a chair which he might like and he is purring while getting to sleep. Will read your notes carefully later.

Thx for your love care and home in which you raised adie. I suspect you have changed the life of the das family forever for which we are grateful!!!!!!!

Regards ranjan

Hi Sonja,

Just thought I would send you a quick update on Loki and let you know just how happy and pleased we are with him. He has been such an awesome addition to our family! Everyone who has met him has fallen in love with his personality and he has already converted many people who claim to "hate cats" including my Dad.

He has such a laidback personality that fits in so well with our lifestyle. We've travelled quite a lot with him the past month and he has continued to impress us with his confidence and sense of adventure in unfamiliar places. He is fantastic in the car and the family and friends we have stayed with are amazed with the speed at which he adjusts to new places and often comment on how dog like he is in his mannerisms and personality. He goes for short walks on a harness with Nash and I in the morning and is known by name by people in our apartment building... including a little girl who lives upstairs and often comes to our patio door to ask if Loki and Nash can come out to play. So cute.

Our vet is also quite smitten with Loki and is even considering getting her own Siberian after meeting ours. She said she has never met a cat that is so comfortable in any situation. When we were there the other day to drop Loki off to be neutered, a great dane was in the office waiting room. Loki was on a harness and leash sitting on my lap when he jumped off and started to wander towards the dane. I asked the owner if the dog was friendly with cats and the owner said that her dane had never met a cat. Loki, being the brave little cat he is, wandered right over to the dane and rubbed himself up against the danes front legs . It was the neatest thing I have ever seen! No fear, no hesitation - just making friends wherever he goes! Our vet has even suggested we consider taking Loki to visit some of the elderly people in the long term care facilities in our area. It's something we would love to try this summer, so I will let you know how that goes!

Loki is super snuggly and will beg to be picked up by chirping and dancing around your feet. He is constantly purring and has such an amazing friendship with our dog Nash - the two of them are absolutely inseparable now. They play together, they have afternoon naps together, and they even insist on sharing the same water dish and toys! Such a heartwarming friendship.

I have attached some of our favorite pictures from the last month so you can see how handsome he's gotten. We will be sure to send you another update in the next few months. In the meantime, please take care and enjoy this lovely summer weather!



Hey Sonja!

I just wanted to let you know how our kitten, Merlin, is doing. He took very little time adjusting, he began playing right away!

He's the cutest little fluff ball! He loves to cuddle, and will lay with us and purr like crazy! He's the sweetest little thing, and he eats so much! (And lets us know when he wants more food, very loudly! haha)

He loves to play with his 'brother', Arthur. =D Another siberian we got because they were both so close in age (only 15 days apart from Merlin!). We were so happy that you had an available kitten that was so close in age.

I've attached photos of them together, and here's a video of them playing -

Thank you so much! And we hope the rest of your kitty family is doing great!


Hi Sonja,

I just wanted to send you proof that Shadow has been neutered - see attached receipt. He is doing fantastic!

I've also attached a recent picture. He is a total joy in our house. We love him so much and he is spoiled rotten lol! Also, never an allergic reaction from our son which is awesome!

Thanks for everything.

Stacey B.

Hi Sonja,

I can't thank you enough for such a sweetheart!!! Tinka is doing well. She is getting used to us slowly. She is eating, sleeping and using the litter box. I couldn't ask for more. My kids are thrilled to death. They are on their best behaviour and loving Tinka.

Talk to you soon,

Diana, Tinka and family

Hi Sonja,

We have purchased one of Belle's kittens from her litter on Christmas 2012. We took a male, we've named him Hendricks and he's a big 7 month old 11 lb'er now! ....

Swift, now Hendricks is totally full of personality :)

I've attached a couple of pics for you.


Matt G.


Hi Sonja,

I hope you are well. Minerva is doing very well and is absolutely adorable! We are all completely in love with her.

We had her spayed on April 18 and she has recovered well. I have attached a copy of the certificate and also a recent picture of Minerva. She is a really beauty.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon.




Hello Sonja,

I hope you are keeping well and and enjoying days a little more stress free without having to look after so many tiny kittens.

I wanted to let you know that our fur baby is absolutely perfect. We just adore him!! Our son James named him Razi and it fits his adorable rambunctious-yet-snuggly personality perfectly. He is perfect parts mischievous and cuddly and sleeping upside down in my arms right now as I type this.

He has lots of spots to look out the window in our home and watch all of the birds and trees but mostly he’s underfoot, following us around wherever we go. He is talkative, funny, always hungry and has never had a problem getting to his litter box on time.

We just love all of his beautiful markings and the rose gold ears (that he got from his mom). He is just so perfect and I wanted to reach out and say thank you for choosing us to make a home for this perfect kitten. We are looking forward to watching him grow.

All the best,

Jen, Neil, James and Razi


Hi Sonja,

I hope you are well and your family too.

Mia and Poupou turned 5 years today.

I am sending you some pictures, we did a little special.

We really love our cats.

Take care

Christine and Benoit


Hi Sonja,

I hope all is well! Luna and Koda are doing so well, especially with moving in with a new brother about 3 years ago (Blue, the black lab, who is the same age as them) and a new puppy just recently (Finn, the Gordon Setter, who is only 7 months old). They were never ones to cuddle with each other but they still love each other, which is evident through kisses. They also enjoy a nice tongue bath from Blue every now and then!

I want to thank you again for all your help after Mila passed, and helping Luna and Koda come into our lives. They are so different from each other but we love their quirky personalities. Koda is a brut, but he loves snuggles and drools when we cuddle because he is so happy!! Luna is very timid, but she loves a little game of catch every now and then. They are so loving and I think they steal the hearts of everyone that walks through our doors.

Thank you for everything you do, these cats are beautiful, gentle, and make wonderful family members ☺ Luna and Koda are also on Instagram, but with their brothers @lifewiththecockers ! I’ve included a few screen shots of our beauties!


Sarah Walsh

Hi Sonja,

Ulysses is doing very well ! He's a very big baby (13 pounds) and he's the most affectionate cat I've ever met ! He loves attention (especially from girls) and he loves being held and cuddled (belly rubs are his favorite). I don't have any allergic reactions anymore and Im actually better around other animals; I suffer less and less with my allergies toward animals.

I included a very recent photo of him, you'll see how big he is :)

Until tomorrow,



...and Gabrielle writes us via facebook about her second addition from Ontario Siberian:

"Mousseline is super spunky and playful. She always wants to be part of the action. She loves to be around people."


Hi Sonja,

Happy New Year! I hope this note finds you and your family well.

Today is Lily’s litter’s birthday! Here is Lucy today at one year old. She is a hoot! We love her dearly. Lucy a happy and healthy cat, who approaches each day as a new adventure (that is, what trouble can be made today?). As I am writing this, I’ve had to stop to pull her face out of a (thankfully finished) bowl of oatmeal, and throw her off the counter where she’s not permitted to be (good luck with that, I know). Can’t turn your back for a minute.

I hope the rest of Lily’s litter is doing just as well.

Beat regards, and best wishes for a wonderful 2018,

Stacey Cline

Hello Sonja.

It's about time I sent some pics of our lovely Sib family and an update. Zazlo is chatty like his sister Silver and loves to monitor all our windows for bird and squirrel activity. He meets me at the door every day when I get home and sits patiently in the corner of the kitchen for his meals (such a polite gent). He sleeps at the top of the stairs once we have retired to bed like a sentry. He is a beast at solid 19 lbs.

Sookie is a sweetheart and I think will be the small sib at 10.5 lbs. She spends most of her time sleeping at the foot of my bed and likes to lick my hair in the morning which is kind of strange but loving. She hasn't quite warmed up to Newton but sometimes I see her grooming him and growling at the same time; like she can't decide if she loves or hates him. LOL. Good thing is Sookie is lightning fast to get away from Newton when he comes looking for a wrestling partner.

Newton, what can I say about Newton....he is a whirling dervish and very lovable. He is 11 lbs at 8 months and I wonder if he will be larger than Zazlo. Everything is a toy to Newton even though he has many cat-safe toys to play with. He is constant companion, affectionate and has the loudest purr I've heard from a cat. His tail is almost bigger than him and reminds me of a fox tail; it is so bushy.

Overall the cats are getting along well; here are some recent pictures you can post on your face book page if you wish. I enjoy looking at the new kitten pictures you post and they still make we want another one!!! :-)


Hello Sonja!

I thought I would take the time to give you a little update on Bean. He is the sweetest and best thing. He greets me at the door when I come home, is very attached to me and sleeps with me every night, and has a VERY healthy appetite. He is already such a big boy and his personality comes out more and more everyday. He absolutely knows how to live it up. His favourite things include staring into the toilet, Crinkle balls, and any kind of food. I wanted to thank you. He’s fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to get another kitten from you in the future. Here is a recent photo of him for you to enjoy :)

Liz Pilbrow


Hi Sonja

Katiana and Sir Lancelot are really bonding well. They seem very happy together. Also, since I have started mixing his soft food in with his kibble , he is eating it . Fun , mischievous kitten. We are loving him .



Hi Sonja,

I trust all is well with you.

We are loving having 2 Cats and they really love each other.

We separate them when no one is home to ensure there is no rough housing :), but most of the time they play together so nicely. Lex is forever grooming the kitten and he just purrs.

Here is an updated picture.

Cathy Konings


"They are a joy to watch together - wrestling or grooming each other. We are so happy to have them with us.

Thank you! Rebecca :) :)

I have a instagram account for them, if you'd like to see them now:

Hi Sonja,

Honeygirl is doing great. she is spending a lot of time outdoors on the balcony. she even caught and killed a robin! I don't know quite how she managed it but she left it in my son's room as a present! she was very pleased with herself.

hope you are well : )


Hi Sonja,

Hope you are doing well. Our cute kitty Leroy is doing well! We love him so much! We just had him neutered yesterday so I wanted to send you the info on that as I know you need it in order to send us the rest of his official paperwork.

Please see attached and let me know if you need any other info at this time.

Also here is a couple cute photos of him.



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