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Our girls who are now retired:

Below: Rubie Gallinaovna our first Siberian. Rubie is a rare shaded golden and has a quirky personality. She will chirp happily when you greet her and loves to be petted and loved. Rubie is the calmest of our cats and very gentle natured. Her favourite treat is chicken and she loves to play fetch as well. Rubie has the cutest triple purr and often runs and purrs at the same time if she is excited. She is very communicative and intelligent for a cat. Rubie's pedigree includes silver, golden and brown tabby, torbie, blue and golden colourpoint. Her kittens may bring any of these wonderful colour options.We have also found Rubie tends to have a couple of very rare golden kittens in each litter. Rubie has several Champions in her lines and has tested negative for Felv/FIV and PKD. We are currently conducting ongoing testing on our other cats to ensure optimum health of all kittens we offer to you.

Above: Rasputyin Daisy (Katyusha) of Ontario Siberians is a silver mackerel tabby. Daisy has 8 Champions in the past 3 generations of her pedigree. We just love her colour which is a stunning brilliant silver with black tabby stripes. Daisy is a true Siberian through and through. She loves to be up high on her perch and is our most playful girl, a true huntress. She's quirky and likes to talk to us in order to get what she wants. You can literally have a conversation with this cat. She regularly hangs out in our bathroom and has a fascination with water. Her favourite thing to eat is tuna but she loves most real meats such as chicken or beef as well.Daisy's pedigree contains many rare golden, silver , blue or brown tabby as well as classic tabby and black and white. Her kittens may have any of these colours. She tends to have a couple kittens with the rare classic coat in each of her litters. We've recently added one of Daisy's females to our breeding program (see below). Daisy's parents both tested negative for Felv/FIV , HCM and PKD. Daisy carries the dilute gene and is colourpoint -(neg.). 

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