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Here are a few snippets of letters and emails by clients who purchased a kitten recently...every customer's story is different and it's always great to get to meet so many interesting people along the way...

Hi Sonja,

I've been meaning to send pics/an update on Meg since October or so. Figured now that it's been almost exactly a year since I picked her up, I should finally get around to it!

I attached some photos - the close-up I just took today, the other three are a few months old. The one of her in the sink is old - from last August - but I love it so had to include it (she fills up pretty much the entire sink now)! The one of her in the window is also older (October), but probably my favourite I've taken of her so also had to include. Now I have to force myself to stop before I send you 200 photos haha!

She is still very friendly and affectionate. My friends who have met her are convinced they're cat whisperers because she's immediately all over them!

Hope all is well with you!




Above: Hendricks

Hi Sonja,

We have purchased one of Belle's kittens from her litter on Christmas 2012. We took a male, we've named him Hendricks and he's a big 7 month old 11 lb'er now! ....

Swift, now Hendricks is totally full of personality :)

I've attached a couple of pics for you.


Matt G.


Above: Maddie-Rue '13

Hi Sonja,

Here is the copy of Maddie-Rue's record of her spay. We took her in today for a physical today! She is so laid back even at the vets! I love her soooo much! She weighs over 8lbs already!

Take care & warm regards,


Above is a photo of Amy's boy Bootsy. We received this photo in November/13 and have been happy to be sent periodic updates from Bootsy's new family. Thanks Amy!

Hi Sonja,

I just wanted to send you proof that Shadow has been neutered - see attached receipt. He is doing fantastic!

I've also attached a recent picture. He is a total joy in our house. We love him so much and he is spoiled rotten lol! Also, never an allergic reaction from our son which is awesome!

Thanks for everything.

Stacey B.

Above is a photo of Gabby's boy Ulysses. We received this photo in November/13 and have been happy to be sent periodic updates from Ulysses's new family as well. Thanks Gabby!

Above: Swift - Thank you Matt and Sara.

Above: Chunky - Thank you Denyse for the photos and updates :)

Above: Bella - Thank you Maheen!

Above: Dawn's kitty from Daisy - Thanks for the photo Dawn :)

Above: Hermione

Hi Sonja

As you can see I am growing quick...I love playing and cuddling which I get to do A LOT! Just wanted to check in and let you know how I'm doing:))



Photo: Koda doesn't realize there are other comfy beds in the house

Above: Koda doesn't realize there are other comfy beds in the house (Photos above & below sent in by Rebecca H.)

Below: Luna is relaxing! Thank you for sharing photos of your two babies Rebecca :)

Oberon is doing very well. He's just gone through a bit of a growth spurt and is a lot bigger than either of my daughter's cats. He moves like a raccoon, wiggling his backside as he scurries along. He makes us laugh a lot. He's still a jumper and loves sleeping on top of cupboards and in the top hammock of his cat tree although he's getting a bit big for it now

He liked his first ventures into the snow and I've attached a few pics of him. He's a very handsome boy with beautiful markings.

Good luck with your new babies in 2013. Hope you get a great lot of new kittens from them.



Hi Sonja,

We made it home safe and sound. He fussed a bit in the beginning (didn't like the carrier at all) and then was determined to cuddle and sleep on my chest and shoulder. He spent most of the rest of the trip that way. He had a little snack about half way home and then back to sleep. He's been very busy exploring, but has eaten and used the litter box. He jumped out of the litter boxes many times before he used it, but I was pretty sure he needed to go. I'm guessing the litter is different than what he's used to. He's on the desk with me right now mushing my hand and purring. So cute!

Thanks again for doing the pick up in Peterborough, Dawn

Hi Sonja!

Luna's doing great! She's finally got a feel for our home today and

is very relaxed! Unfortunately she's found comfort in sleeping

under the couch where our poor Mila passed away, which is kinda

weird! We love her so much though, she's perfect!

Do we still have our downpayment for Belles? We're still

considering getting a friend for Luna so we were just making sure

that we still had a spot for that litter! Also, do you have any

pictures of the new kittens? :)

Thank you so much,

Sarah W.

Hey Sonja!

I just wanted to let you know how our kitten, Merlin, is doing. He took very little time adjusting, he began playing right away!

He's the cutest little fluff ball! He loves to cuddle, and will lay with us and purr like crazy! He's the sweetest little thing, and he eats so much! (And lets us know when he wants more food, very loudly! haha)

He loves to play with his 'brother', Arthur. =D Another siberian we got because they were both so close in age (only 15 days apart from Merlin!). We were so happy that you had an available kitten that was so close in age.

I've attached photos of them together, and here's a video of them playing -

Thank you so much! And we hope the rest of your kitty family is doing great!


Hi Sonja,

Just thought I would send you a quick update on Loki and let you know just how happy and pleased we are with him. He has been such an awesome addition to our family! Everyone who has met him has fallen in love with his personality and he has already converted many people who claim to "hate cats" including my Dad.

He has such a laidback personality that fits in so well with our lifestyle. We've travelled quite a lot with him the past month and he has continued to impress us with his confidence and sense of adventure in unfamiliar places. He is fantastic in the car and the family and friends we have stayed with are amazed with the speed at which he adjusts to new places and often comment on how dog like he is in his mannerisms and personality. He goes for short walks on a harness with Nash and I in the morning and is known by name by people in our apartment building... including a little girl who lives upstairs and often comes to our patio door to ask if Loki and Nash can come out to play. So cute.

Our vet is also quite smitten with Loki and is even considering getting her own Siberian after meeting ours. She said she has never met a cat that is so comfortable in any situation. When we were there the other day to drop Loki off to be neutered, a great dane was in the office waiting room. Loki was on a harness and leash sitting on my lap when he jumped off and started to wander towards the dane. I asked the owner if the dog was friendly with cats and the owner said that her dane had never met a cat. Loki, being the brave little cat he is, wandered right over to the dane and rubbed himself up against the danes front legs . It was the neatest thing I have ever seen! No fear, no hesitation - just making friends wherever he goes! Our vet has even suggested we consider taking Loki to visit some of the elderly people in the long term care facilities in our area. It's something we would love to try this summer, so I will let you know how that goes!

Loki is super snuggly and will beg to be picked up by chirping and dancing around your feet. He is constantly purring and has such an amazing friendship with our dog Nash - the two of them are absolutely inseparable now. They play together, they have afternoon naps together, and they even insist on sharing the same water dish and toys! Such a heartwarming friendship.

I have attached some of our favorite pictures from the last month so you can see how handsome he's gotten. We will be sure to send you another update in the next few months. In the meantime, please take care and enjoy this lovely summer weather!



Hi Sonja. Zazlo is 8.5 lbs and doing very well. He is very loving and friendly and of course loves to play. He loves his brushings and to have his belly rubbed. We play 'chase' in the mornings and he makes us laugh out loud with his craziness.


Hello Sonja,

We would like to thank you very much for the whole process and as discussed to let you know that we are home.

Ulysse is a great traveller and he loves looking out the back window. He did just great.

He is still a bit intimidated with his new place but we are certain he will be fine.

Gabrielle's hives have disappeared and it looks like she might be alright. We will let you know in a couple of days following a bit more exposure.

Again thank you.

Kind regards

M Chénier

Hi Sonja,

I can?t thank you enough for such a sweetheart!!! Tinka is doing well. She is getting used to us slowly. She is eating, sleeping and using the litter box. I couldn?t ask for more. My kids are thrilled to death. They are on their best behaviour and loving Tinka.

Talk to you soon,

Diana, Tinka and family

I would love another one. It's amazing to have a cat that doesn't bother me at all. Who are the parents of the new litter?



Hi Sonja!

I'm great! and Pinky is doing excellent! I renamed him Percy. He has to be one of the most lovable cats I've ever met. He's very active and he loves to cuddle. My family and I love him so much! My mom and brother in laws are allergic to cats but with Percy they were totally fine. He follows me around and wakes me up very early. He bites my toes and licks my face, he's such a great cat!

Thanks again so much for giving us Percy!! (aka Pinky)


PS. Check out his pictures!

Hi Sonja,

Percy is great! Before and after the surgery his personality still remained the same, he's very active and affectionate. After the surgery, I hid some of his toys and kept a watchful eye on him so that he didn't lick his stitches and play too hard.

Percy's eye colour is gold or light hazel. Thanks for sending the registered papers and thanks for everything.

Enjoy the pictures!


Hi Sonja

Here is our Joey.

He is such a wonderful addition to our lives.

He is a very curious kitten. Very smart, very affectionate.

He now weighs 11lbs. Although he is extremely finicky about his food.

He will not touch anything but natural balance. (we've tried to sneak other brands in occasionally) This picture does not show his colours that well but I can only tell you that they are outstanding.

I love going on your web site and catching up on all your news.


Hi there. Just thought I'd let you know how well Oberon is doing.

Our daughter graduated from Queens University last week and we didn't want to leave him at home so he had a road trip with us to Kingston. He was so good natured in the car and fell asleep for most of it (attached is a picture of him). He captivated people wherever he went. We stopped at the Big Apple in Colbourne for a bite to eat and I took him out on the grass on a harness. People thought he was one of the attractions and wanted to have their picture taken with him. So his picture is now in India, Australia, England and the United States. The hotel was pet friendly and he was a big hit with everyone there too.

He had his first (with us) vet check up and his second set of shots. The vet was really impressed with him and so were all the staff. She said since he was such a big boy that he could be neutered as early as 16 weeks so we'll see how he is as the time approaches.

He's very very strong. He has amazing jumping and leaping skills. He snuggles a lot and really loves to have his people around him.

He's such a sweetie! We all love him so much.

Hope you're enjoying your much quieter house (although you still have a few more babies there I expect). Take care, Jo

Hi Sonja - Jesse (we now call him Pete or Petey) is adorable and we all love him hugely including our dog!

Thank you!

Faith and Kevin


Hello Sonja,

Zazlo is doing very well. He is happy, affectionate and growing up much too fast. He is a great kitten and we love brushing him and playing with him; he really likes to play hard.

This photo is a few weeks old but you can see how handsome he has become. We love Zazlo so much and he fits with our family perfectly; my daughter hasn't had a problem with her allergies and is thrilled about that!

Thank you so much for our beautiful boy!



Hi Sonja,

Massimo is doing fantastic. He is a big baby - most times you'll find him stretched out on me sound asleep & he sleeps at my head at night. He gets along fantastic with the grandkids, they keep saying how precious/adorable he is. They find carrying him around a bit difficult now due to his size. He is also very smart - he recognizes the truck when one of us comes home & will stop what he's doing or wake up & run to the door. This week should be quite interesting; my son & daughter-in-law are going away & I said we would look after their cat. I think Massimo should be fine because he's still a kitten & loves to play plus he was around other cats/kittens at your house. Their cat is very petite & she's only a couple of years old & still likes to play, so we'll have to see how it goes.

I've also attached a couple pics taken this week.

Talk to you soon,


Hi Sonja!

Sorry haven't kept you updated with Layla. To be honest, she's become the centre of our universe now! None of us can go anywhere without thinking of how she's doing at home and we end up coming sooner from work/parties, or sometimes not going at all, just to spend time with her. My main concern was whether my mom would reject her and actually be afraid of her as she'd been quite vocal before we got Layla but as soon as I brought her home, they got instantly attached to each other! Phew! ... We have so many guests come over now, not to see us, but to see Layla....she's getting tonsss of attention, and she's very spoiled with the things we've given her. And when she doesn't get attention, she demands it by just brushing by our legs, and dropping on the floor and then giving us that I'm-too-cute-pick-me-up-look . She absolutely loves being petted. She's also growing really fast! over 4.5 pounds already! I've sent you a few pictures, sorry it's through my iphone, so not that great of picture quality.

One thing she does do, which I guess is quite common in kittens, is she likes biting hands, fingers, scratching specially at night time when to going to bed, I guess her feral instincts come out, with her pupils all dilated and all lol. I've tried keeping her in my room but becomes quite distracting and had to keep her in the living room all night where all her toys are. What's the best approach to stopping that behaviour.

Anyways, we are all very grateful here that we got Layla in our lives and wouldn't replace her for the world.

Thank you again for your hospitality when we had come over, all your cats/kitten are extremely beautiful and honestly everyone should have a siberian in their lives!

Happy Holidays,



Hi again Sonja:

Lara (Daffodil) and I made it home in 2 white-knuckle hrs ? the traffic was very slow close to home and we passed 3 accidents, so I was happy to get home safely. Sorry, for running in and out so quickly but I really did want to get off the roads as soon as possible.

Lara is perfect.

She slept most of the way home ( I think the blanket helped a lot) and the rest of the time she and I had a conversation.

She is adapting well, using her litter box, eating and drinking well, and PLAYING!! She is just an absolute delight!!!

She already has explored most of the main floor and now is having a little nap.

I probably will be in touch with some questions later.

Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Lillian & Lara xx

Hi Sonja,

Dasha is doing well. Eating, and playing a lot. Gets lots of affection. Seems to have gained some weight an ounce or 2. Not shy anymore, wanders around the house and is used to the members of the house now. Appt for shots scheduled for Jan 2012.

I have no other reaction than occasional itchiness in eyes. So far so good.

Thanks again for all your help.

BTW her name means gift from God and we thought this is confirmation that we got the right kitten.

Have a wonderful new year.



Thanks for emailing back.

Yes I did take all of the papers to the vet. There was no record of a rabies shot being given on any of the papers so she felt it would be ok to give him his second booster and the rabies shot.

The vet loved him very much and said that he is in excellent condition (weight (almost 6lbs!!!!), coat, eyes, ears, etc). In short, she was very impressed with him. KUDOOS TO YOU!!


Hi Sonja -

Hope you and your family had a great holiday season!

Dala has adjusted very well - she rules the house actually! We love her and she loves us back - have enclosed a photo of her and our oldest daughter Naomi -

We take her to our vet on Monday for her next set of shots -

All the best

Above: Dala today, isn't she gorgeous! Thanks Ian!

Hi Sonja,

Just wanted to update you on Agnesse. She is adjusting quite well to her new surroundings. She is a very affectionate kitten and just loves to be held and follows us around the house. When she isn't being held she loves to play with the various toys throughout the house. We have had no problems with James' allergies what so ever. We had a few of our HIGHLY allergic relatives over and as long as they took a reactine before coming over their symptoms were mild and they were at least able to stay and visit. So that was a good thing. She has had no real crying and overall it probably only took her about a day to adjust to things here.

Also we have renamed Agnesse - Myshka to suit her Russian heritage as well as her feral kitten appeal.

Thanks again.

Cassandra, James & Myshka

Hi guys, it was so nice to meet you. I think the allergy results were well worth the wait and I know Agnesse has gone to a wonderful home - I couldn't be happier. Sometimes those with extreme allergies or asthma are not ideal candidates however their reactions are still always less than with a regular cat. I'm just happy James' allergies were fine. Thank you again for your business.

Hello Sonja,

It has been two weeks since Ariel lives with me, and I thought I should update you with her status. Ariel now has a new name "Meatball", and she is responding to this name now =) I took her to the vet last sunday for a check-up and vaccine shot. The vet said she is perfectly healthy and well developed. She has a good appetite and has grown quite a bit. Can't imagine how fast she grows! She is still quite playful and VERY demanding in terms of attentions. Everything (including me) is her toy, and she will wake me up in 5am so that I can pet her and say good morning. LOL. I guess she is pampered... I posted some of her photos on a local forum and immediately she became a star! Many people asked me where I got her, so I referred them to your website. Hope you don't mind.

I've attached a couple of meatball's photos here. Hope you enjoy them. Take care and keep in touch!

Warm regards,

-- Yingying

Yingying, it's been a real pleasure to work with a customer who has such a genuine love for cats and an admirable dedication to being a wonderful parent to Ariel. We couldn't have asked for a better home for Meatball (aka:Ariel).

Below: Meatball (aka: Ariel)

Hi Sonja,

Here is Day 3 update. Here a few photos that I have taken over the past couple of days. Alexey is a sweetheart and a talker!! He is doing very well and we love him to bits. Kiska has been a bit out of sorts and watches him from under the couch. She has been keeping her distance but when there is a close encounter there has been some growling and hissing from both of them, however today they are starting to play together!! Its quite cute as Alexey is 1/4 the size of kiska so its funny to see this tiny ball of fur run after her. It was a bit of a breakthrough this am when they started chasing eachother around and playing. I am sure before long they will be all snuggled up together.

He is doing very well and we couldn't be happier. I take pictures of them often and will send you updates as he grows. We didn't realize how big kiska has gotten until Alexey came. She is still our little baby but a big baby now.

So all is well and they are doing well so far together. Thank you Sonja for everything!

Take care,

Sabrina and Randy

Randy and Sabrina - You are both my favourite Albertan customers that are always so enjoyable to work with and your love for and dedication to your cats is just amazing. I hope you keep in touch and send some updated photos of both Kiska and Alexey in the future.

Below: Alexey


Thx for note. Adie now getting tired out. He played for 2 straight hours. Ate drank and used box. Now wanting to nap. We have showed him a chair which he might like and he is purring while getting to sleep. Will read your notes carefully later.

Thx for your love care and home in which you raised adie. I suspect you have changed the life of the das family forever for which we are grateful!!!!!!! Regards ranjan

Hi Ranjan (and family!), It was really so nice to meet you and your wonderful family. I could tell that you were the right family for our little Adie (most likely not so little now!) and couldn't be happier. Your updates through the first week were entertaining, comedic (I laughed alot at some of them- ask my husband) and reassuring all at once. It was a pure pleasure - keep in touch and all the best :)

Below: Adie

Hi Sonja

Your email yesterday reminded me to send you an email. Cashy (Cashmere) or formally known as Tina is doing excellent. She is growing so fast I can hardly beleive she is the same little waif that came out of the carrier a few weeks ago. She is very smart and inquisitive. My sons are in love with her and here's the biggy - even my husband I think is forming a soft spot for her. Because cats always made him sick he never cared much for them but I now catching him talking and even playing a little bit with her. I asked him a few days ago if he has had any reaction at all to her and he said No. He said he was surprised because he actually anticipated having a reaction to her and it never happened.

So all is well here and when I get the chance I will send some photo's of her.

Thank you for all of your help and patience over the last 2 months, I have passed your website on to a co-worker who is interested in Siberian kittens and their hypo allergenic qualities. Hopefully you will hear from her.


D Graham

Below is a photo sent in by D Graham. Thank you for sharing this update photo of Cashy and I love the name!:

".... We named her Ruby, and shes doing wonderfully. She loves to play and has lots of energy. She hasnt had any problems at all it seems, so everything is good. Thanks again for your hospitality when we visited. If you would like, we could send you some pictures. "


Ben and Karlea

"Hi there.

My family says Mila is an "absolute princess" and asked me to share that with you. She won everyones hearts when we were with her last week. She is a fantastic cat. We are an allergy filled family and not one of us had any problems. It was amazing for me to rub my face in a cat and be fine. She has a wonderful home with a very loving family in Mt Pearl Newfoundland....

Keep in touch, Jennifer"

Hi Sonja,

We are enjoying our kitten immensely she is all that we had hoped for. She is very loving and social. She follows me around the house and entertains us with her kitten antics. We have named her Birdie Noir. Birdie for her sweet nature and delicate frame. She is growing like a weed.

We do not need papers. Her disposition, fluffy tail and toes give evidence of her purebred heritage. You will also be happy to know that Rick's sister who is allergic to cats spent an entire weekend with us and played with Birdie with no signs whatsoever of allergies. Yeah!!!

Thank you for the offer of papers but we will not be needing them.




To: Sonja,

Re: Letter of recommendation

The kitten our family purchased from your cattery this summer is loveable, cuddly, alert, playful, and healthy. Everything a kitten should be! I was impressed with Sonja's knowledgeable and prompt responses to my many questions, and for making this 'adoption' go smoothly for us. I am already recommending your cattery to friends!

Thanks again,

S Boudreau

Thanks for sending in these great photos Sheila. It was a pleasure meeting you and your family!

And below is a photo sent in by the French family of their kitten (now cat) Buddy. Thank you for sharing this photo update with us. Buddy is just beautiful! 

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