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Welcome to our kittens Page!

If putting a deposit please note that we always reserve the right to choose a kitten for breeding from each litter and breeder has first selection.

News: We have one female kitten that has come available from Luna and Apollo's first litter. (A silver tabby). The kitten is able to leave at 10 weeks of age (at the beginning of August). This kitten is now reserved. The next litter will be in the winter.

Please send a completed quesionnaire for further information on these kittens.

Deposit list): We are currently accepting deposits for the winter litters

Veronica K., deposit, male, future litter

Louise P., 2 deposits for 2 kittens, next litter

Debbie L., deposit, next litter (no silver)

Alex D., deposit, Olivia or next

Aleena, deposit, Spring litter, male/dark colour

Darcy, deposit, next male with mitts

Laurie C., male next litters

Below is a link to Olivia's current litter. Her kittens are ready to leave before Christmas:


Reserving your kitten:

Please note that if you are considering reserving a kitten that we only reserve with a $200 deposit. Deposits are non-refundable.

Accepted methods of payment are EMT, Paypal (add 4%) or in some cases by mail (cheque).

Until we are sent the deposit the kitten you are considering is still considered 'Available' and may be reserved by other families.We have no way of knowing when a buyer is serious until a deposit is actually received. Please do not assume that because you have expressed interest in a kitten that it will be held for you as we get many enquiries daily in some cases and the deposit is the only way we can know that you are ready to adopt.

Please note: If you require a home visit for allergies or otherwise prior to reserving we require a home test fee of $50 prior to arranging the appointment. Please keep in mind if sending us your application. As we have limited time on the weekend to accomodate visits we give first priority to the families who are ready to adopt and specifically interested in the kittens available at this time. The fee does go towards the price of our kittens which are available only.

Previous kittens (now reserved):

All the kittens shown below have been reserved. Photos are for reference only.

We had a beautiful litter of 5 kittens, 4 females, 1 male on 11/06/17: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU3XnxllAK4&feature=youtu.be

Please stay tuned for more photos..

Below: Our kitten room where the kittens stay and play until they are old enough to roam the rest of our home. This room makes for both a cozy and safe environment for all of our babies.