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KITTEN CARE - Taking your new kitten home:

We've created this page in response to frequently asked questions from our new kitten owners. One of the most common questions we get is in regards to how to feed your kitten. In response to that we recommend feeding your kitten 2-3 times daily with raw/canned food and having dry kibble available as well as clean fresh water AT ALL TIMES. Water is best presented in a stainless steel bowl or fountain.

In our home your kitten has been fed Eukenuba which we have found to contain all necessary ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of our cats. Until your kitten reaches 12 months it is necessary to feed the kitten formula and then switch to an adult formula. We have tried many brands of dry food here at Ontario Siberians but many contain gluten and fillers that are known causes of later health problems in felines. Please stay away from any foods containing gluten, including canned foods.

In our home we like to feed a combination of real meat and canned. When choosing a canned food for your cat please ensure it does not contain gluten. My preferred food is Almo Nature and it is one I recommend to all our kitten families. The meats which we recommend feeding are ground beef, chicken, hearts, livers, tripe. You can feed a version of this raw as well but it is then highly recommended that you start a raw diet immediately as an older cat will not take easily to the change from lightly cooked to raw. Remember to always look at labels and read ingredients. Cats are carnivores. They need real meat. Real meat should ALWAYS be the FIRST ingredient for optimal health.

When it comes to litter, we use Canada litter. It is both eco-friendly and made in Canada as well as safe for your cat and kitten. Another good brand I would recommend is World's best Cat litter. Both of these litters are clumping. We use an open conventional type litter box.

Introducing a new cat to resident cats:

If this is your second or third cat please read the following article on tips for successfully introducing a new kitten to your household:

Preventing scratching of furniture and draperies:

We highly recommend a large scratching post or cat tree for your new kitten. Scratching is both natural and necessary for cats. Introduce your kitten to the scratching post from the beginning and you will find they will not scratch your furniture. Scratching is not just a means of sharpening claws, it's a vital form of exercise that tones and strengthens the muscles. Even declawed cats go through the motions. It's instinctive.

We do not recommend or condone declawing. If you are not comfortable trimming your cats nails you can have it done professionally for a small fee. Trimming nails is not as hard as it may seem especially when you start doing this while they are young kittens. There are also claw caps available at your local pet store. They are soft plastic covers that are glued onto their claws that last 4-6 weeks.

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