Ontario Siberians Cattery

Russian Forest cats in Canada

Our Males:

Our most recent addition is Duke who hails from Windrifter Cattery in northern Minnesota. Duke is a striking blue tabby with white. He has a wonderful personality and from the moment he stepped out of his carrier he has been very loving and outgoing in nature. We couldn't be more pleased with him. Duke's father is also a blue and white tabby, his mother is a golden brown tabby. Duke produces colourpoints, blue & white, brown, golden or cream kittens. He has the dilute gene. He is also a classic carrier and produces some kittens with classic coats. Duke is very low in d1. We always choose only cats from these low and tested lines as our breeders. Many of his kittens have already been placed in allergy homes at this time.

CP: C/C - colourpoint carrier
Dilution: D/D - carrier of dilution

Below: Duke at 3.5 mths of age. Above: Duke @ 1 year of age.

Below: Duke's father Nikita.

Below: Duke's Mother Mariah.



Our older male is Max. Max is now retired and living with a wonderful family near London, ON -however he has produced many fine kittens for us including our newest addition Siver Bell Maxovich of Ontario Siberians. Max's father is a quadruple TICA Champion so he has excellent pedigree.

 Photo above courtesy of J. Parkinson.