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Our Males:



Our most recent addition is Apollo who hails from the famous Charodey Cattery in Colorado. Apollo's pedigree is complete with incredible Championship lines, infact both of his parents are TICA Supreme Grand Champions which is the highest title for a show cat. Apollo is a brown spotted tabby with white. As soon as we met Apollo, he fell to his side and rolled onto his back as if he was telling us to rub his belly. We would soon learn that this would become his signature move and to say Apollo is friendly is an understatement. We are therefore very excited to see what personality and demeanor Apollo's kittens will have when he begins his breeding career in early 2019. Apollo's lines and parents have been tested for heart disease and PKD via ultrasound in 2018. Apollo is low in d1 dander and many of his ancestors have been successfully place in homes where cat allergies to dander are a concern.





Duke hails from Windrifter Cattery in northern Minnesota. Duke is a striking blue tabby with white. He has a wonderful personality and from the moment he stepped out of his carrier he has been very loving and outgoing in nature. We couldn't be more pleased with him. Duke's father is also a blue and white tabby, his mother is a golden brown tabby. Duke produces colourpoints, blue & white, brown, golden or cream kittens. He has the dilute gene. He is also a classic carrier and produces some kittens with classic coats. Duke is very low in d1. We always choose only cats from these low and tested lines as our breeders. Many of his kittens have already been placed in allergy homes at this time.


CP: C/C - colourpoint carrier

Dilution: D/D - carrier of dilution


Above: Duke @ 1 year of age.

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