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Introducing our retired Queens:

Lily- Retired in 2019

In the Summer of 2012 we welcomed Lillie to our home. Lillie is the daughter of CH Nevasmystery Coby of Frosty Forest. Coby is the brother of our other girl Belle. Please see below for more about this amazing Siberian. We patiently waited for over a year for Lillie's birth knowing what exceptional lines she would bring. Upon her arrival we can say that we were not in the least disappointed with this gorgeous seal point kitten. Lillie's beauty is only equal to her loving and easy going personality which we know will make her a wonderful Mama in the near future. Lily has striking blue eyes which really stand out due to her dark-coloured face. Lily's kittens tend to be grey and brown tabbies or colourpoint. Please expect kittens from Lily in the Summer of 2013. Lily will have her last litter in 2018 and then she will retire.

CP: C/C - colourpoint carrier

Dilution: D/D - carrier of dilution

Below: Frostyforest Lillie of Ontario Siberians

Above: Frostyforest Lillie and DeClair Honey-girl of Ontario Siberians

Honeygirl - Retired in 2016

In the summer of 2012 we also welcomed another new kitten to our home. Honey is a small-sized cream coloured tabby female who hails from the Czech Republic. We were extremely impressed by the quality of kittens her breeder Klara produced. Honey is a true testament to their Cattery and we were extremely impressed by the fact that Honey was a therapy kitten at a hospital prior to her journey to Canada. Honey is outgoing, social and has an extremely affectionate nature. She likes to sit on our laps and 'knead' our bellies as if giving us a massage. Honey is a big talker and her and Lily are often partaking in their kitten antics together which are highly amusing. We are very happy with both of these girls. Honey's female kittens tend to have very unique colouring (grey torbies /grey,cream w/white) and her boys tend to be cream (same colour as her). We look forward to kittens from Honey in Summer of 2012.

CP: C/C - Not a colourpoint carrier

Dilution: D/D - carrier of dilution

Below: Honeygirl

Belle - Retired in 2015

Belle comes to us from Russia. Belle has an impressive pedigree with 11 Champions in the past 3 generations! Infact Belle's brother CH Nevasmystery Coby of FrostyForest has won best cat with TICA for 2010-2011 which is an exceptional achievement. To view the winners click here: .Congratulations Coby! We look forward to possibly showing Belle in the future but for now she makes such an excellent mother and companion. We couldn't be happier. The first thing many notice are Belle's strikingly beautiful big blue eyes which are often inherited by her babies. She is a brave and loving girl who follows us around the house. She loves to play in the water like many Siberians do and loves to play fetch. She likes to sleep in very odd positions with limbs going in several directions of sitting against a wall. She snores quite loudly as well! Her calm nature suits our family environment and she is often seen being carried about by my young son without a problem, almost like a big white teddy bear :) When paired with Duke Belle brings a combination of brown, blue and grey tabbies (some with white) and some colourpoints like herself.

CP: C/C - colourpoint carrier

Dilution: D/D - carrier of dilution

Below: Belle

Silver - Retired in 2018, Silver's daughter Luna will be bred in late 2018

Below is Silver Bell Maxovich of Ontario Siberians. She is our pride as we raised this wonderful girl from birth ourselves. We could not just not let such a striking beauty go so with us she stayed and the rest is history! She was born of our breeding last December 2011. Her parents are Max and Rasputyin Katyusha of Hungary (aka: Daisy). Silver is a classic black silver torbie (}quite rare colouring) with gold-green eyes and a beautiful raccoon tail like her Dad. Her coat is amazingly soft and shiny and very easy to maintain. We are expecting Silver's Babies to be blue, brown, black/white, golden or silver tabbies. Silver may pass on the red colour as well to some of her babies so we may see some red kittens or torbies. Her lines are tested free of PKD, FIV and FelV. Like her Mom, Silver is a very chatty girl and loves to talk to us. She loves to play with water and has a fascination with chasing laser lights or light reflections on the walls. Silver loves sitting at our windows watching birds and squirrels. She is a true huntress and extremely playful. We look forward to her first litter in winter 2012.

CP: C/C - not a colorpoint carrier

Dilution: D/D - carrier of dilution

Below - Silver:

Below - Silver @ 10 weeks in our Cattery:

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