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Charodey Apollo Altyn recently took part in one day of the TICA Clawsome Cat Show in Mississauga ON. (See video below or click on link for better quality). The judges were so impressed with our boy, he took best Siberian kitten, 2nd best longhair kitten, and 3rd best all breed kitten at the show. We are so proud of Apollo. Click here:

We have kittens available!  Please check our 'available kittens' page for updates. Allergy testing available as these lines are good for those with allergies to cat dander. 

The current litter were born on 5/03/24. Shown below in the video clips below at 4 weeks of age. 












We are accepting applications.

If interested please send a fully completed questionnaire as the first step of our

application process. 








Welcome and thank you for visiting our small cattery website. We are a hobby breeder located in Milton, Ontario which is a short 45 minute from either downtown Toronto or downtown Hamilton. We are very pleased to say we are going strong into our 12th year of breeding Siberians in 2022! Please take the time to read through our website. Please click on the link titled 'allergies' for specific information about the hypo-allergenic qualities of Siberians as well as a video clip from Dr. Oz talking about the breed. We appreciate your visit and if there is anything I can help you with feel free to email us with our questionnaire. Any news is posted to our Blog, Homepage or Available kittens link, so feel free to check back periodically.


We specialize in breeding beautiful Siberian hypo-allergenic cats from only the best healthy and Champion lines. We raise all of our kittens with love and an abundance of attention and care.

Above:Hermione Sharron @ home with the Sharron family, 2014, parents Belle & Duke.

See our adoption agreement for details on our 1 year health guarantee when you take home your new kitten.

Our story:

Our story started when we realized my husband was allergic to cats. My being a long time cat-lover, I started to research and soon discovered the wonderful hypoallergenic qualities of the Siberian breed. At that point we began to contact several Siberian breeders and tested his allergies with their resident breeder cats. After a couple of tests where he reacted we found one or two breeders where my husband had no reaction to their cats whatsoever. We learned that not all Siberians are good for allergy sufferers and that a breeder must take care to breed only lines known and proven to be low in d1 levels. After a somewhat difficult search where we encountered lengthy year long waiting lists and few local breeders we acquired our first Siberian in 2009 and decided to try out a new hobby - breeding beautiful, allergy-friendly Siberian cats ourselves.

It is our hope to raise more awareness to the wonderful qualities this breed has to offer. We are located in Milton, Ontario, Canada. For anyone from the Ottawa area we do offer pick-ups in Peterborough ON on occasion, however there is no allergy testing available at this location and it must be planned in advance.

We accept reservation deposits of $300 dollars to reserve your place on our deposit list (in order of deposits received). All deposits are non-refundable. For an exact & current kitten price please email with questionnaire (see below).

Should you be interested in putting a reservation, I welcome email inquiries, however I ask that should you contact me, that you also answer the questions below so that I can get to know you better. This will help me get to know you and to know whether we can help you out with what you are looking for.

Below: Merlin and his friend Arthur. Thank you Denyse for this beautiful photo. Denyse is a talented photographer from Toronto.

Ontario Siberians Cattery welcomes Belle!

Above: Belle arrived from Russia on August 26th, 2010.

To contact us, please copy the questions below and e-mail me at Your questionnaire must be completed in full for you to be considered:

1.   Your full name & address, please include your home phone number as well. (Please provide all information).

2.   Do you prefer male or female? Any specific colour?
3.   Do you prefer a kitten or adult? 

4.   Why do you want a Siberian Cat?

5.   Do you have allergies to cats or asthma? If you have asthma please state this.

      If you have allergies please list your specific symptoms? Would you consider your allergies to be:

      a) mild (mildly itchy eyes, runny nose)

      b) moderate (mild sneezing, itching, runny nose, severe eye irritation) or

      c) severe (severe being hives, swelling, coughing, difficulty breathing-asthma etc.).

      Do you have any other allergies (ie: eggs, dogs, horses or other animals?) If so please list.

6.   Are you able to put a deposit of $350 on an upcoming litter?

7.   Do you currently have any other pets?

8.   Have you had any pets before? If yes, what happened to them?

9.   Do you have children, especially small children?

10. Do you own or rent your home? If you rent, does your landlord accept cats? (we will need a letter from your landlord stating this).

11. Will you be able to pick up your kitten? Do you prefer picking up in Milton (our home) or Bobcaygeon or Peterborough instead? (for Ottawa/PQ customers)?

      (must be planned ahead of time)

12.  Do you have any questions for us?

All of our Siberian cats will have regular veterinarian check-ups, be current in their vaccination and de-worming programs, and our cattery is certified FIV, Leukemia and ringworm free. Please see health link for more information regarding our Siberians.

We are currently a proud member of TICA and will strive to live up to their high standards of conduct and code of ethics.

Thanks for your visit!

Above: Silvergirl enjoying a little time in our outdoor cat run - 07/15. 

TICA Registration Number: R-3866-GL (The International Cat Association Inc.) - Registered in 2009.

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